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Brandli Law’s Approach To Litigation

Legal disputes inevitably happen. Fortunately, our society provides for an orderly, non-violent process for resolving those disputes. Unfortunately, that process can be complicated. Worse, parties to disputes often bring understandable emotional baggage that further complicates the dispute resolution process.

Brandli Law’s approach to dispute resolution takes all of this into account. When our client is a party to a dispute, Brandli Law places the highest priority in understanding our client’s needs and desires. The process of determining those needs and desires is not always quick and easy. Anger, resentment, and a sense of betrayal often are in the mix. On the one hand, these emotions must be accounted when crafting a strategy for the litigation. On the other hand, these emotions can cloud judgment. Brandli Law takes the time to sort through each client’s needs.

Key to successfully navigating the dispute resolution process is a firm understanding of our client’s rights. At Brandli Law, we endeavor to be experts in all the law applicable to our client’s matter. We use this knowledge to accurately inform our client of his options, and as a tool with the other parties.

With an understanding of our client’s needs, and armed with the knowledge about the applicable law, we work to achieve an early resolution of the case. Early resolutions save our client money, reduce the pain of the litigation process, and as much as possible elevates our client’s standing with the other parties and the community. Early resolutions are not always possible and depend a great deal on the client’s goals and the other parties’ positions and attitude. But, Brandli Law uses a creative and persuasive process to come to an early resolution where possible.

Key to a favorable resolution in litigation is a firm stance on the rights that the client believes are important, delivered with a collegial attitude. At Brandli Law, we firmly stand up for our clients without resorting to bullying and hits below the belt. This approach generates respect from judges who may ultimately decide the case, and opposing lawyers who may persuade a client to accept our settlement offer. This approach also holds our client in the best light: insisting on what is due while operating with integrity.

Brandli Law’s goal in litigation is to protect our clients’ rights while avoiding a destructive and hurtful litigation process.

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