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Brandli Law’s Approach To Every Client

Every legal matter is different, reflecting the differing needs of each client, the different types of law, and the different personalities of the other parties. Brandli Law utilizes a flexible approach to each case to address these differences. However, there are some elements to the Brandli Law approach that exist in every matter. They include:

  • A focus on ethics. Brandli Law takes an ethical approach to every case, ethically dealing with our client, opposing parties, the judge, and third parties. This focus on ethics ultimately develops a reputation that benefits our clients, even those that are facing a fight. Judges listen more carefully to a lawyer they can trust. Opposing attorneys are easier to work with when they respect our client’s attorney. Brandli Law’s reputation goes to work for our clients, who are purchasing the good will Brandli Law has in the legal community.
  • A focus on legal knowledge. Key to succeeding in any matter is a thorough understanding of the applicable law. One might think that all attorneys understand the law. But, as some attorneys will admit, too many lawyers have only enough knowledge to get by. At Brandli Law, we recognize that an excellent legal practice places a high value in legal scholarship. Thorough legal knowledge helps to educate judges, to keep opposing attorneys in line, to avoid future problems with legal documents, and to counsel clients in the right direction, all beneficial to the client. If we do not know the answer, we find it.
  • A focus on legal research. A person not familiar with legal study would likely be surprised just how much law there is. If put into books, the law applicable in Washington would fill a room larger than any of our courtrooms. Brandli Law invests in the research tools necessary to find and analyze all applicable law. Many attorneys do not make this investment. And, we do not pass the fees we pay to research services on to our clients.
  • A focus on persuasion. An attorney’s art is communication. Whether it is negotiation of a contract or a settlement, or arguing a client’s position to a judge or jury, effective communication can make the difference in a case. Communication is effective only if it addresses the human side of the audience. While we emphasize the knowledge necessary to know what to say, we are not satisfied unless we can say it persuasively.
  • A focus on our client. As much as some lawyers would like to think of the practice of law as a formula, it is anything but. Each client comes to us in a different situation with different needs and goals. Often, the matter that a client brings to us is emotional. We listen to each client throughout our relationship, and we conform our representation to the client’s needs and desires. If the client wants to defend his rights, we fight for those rights. If the client wants an amicable settlement, we negotiate in that vein. If the client wants a simple will, we add to it only as necessary to protect those simple wishes. And, we return our calls and always keep our clients informed. We exist to serve our clients, and we never forget that.
  • A focus on friendliness. It may seem odd for a lawyer to advertise a friendly approach. Afterall, much of what a lawyer does each day involves conflict: either resolving it or avoiding it. However, when representing a client to others, whether they be opposing parties, judges, juries, or third parties, a friendly approach is always more effective than the alternative. There is something to the saying, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Do not mistake Brandli Law’s friendly approach as soft. The plain fact is, we can protect a client’s rights and represent her interests in a friendly way more effectively than we can by upsetting all concerned.

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