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Sealing Schible Courtroom Security Video
February 7, 2019

On January 31, 2019, San Juan County Sheriff Ronald Krebs either manipulated the security camera in the District Court courtroom, or watched as one of his employees manipulated the camera, to zoom in on the handwritten notes of a criminal defendant’s attorney while the defendant’s trial was in progress.  Finding governmental misconduct that may have prejudiced the defendant, the judge dismissed the criminal case.  This incident has created great concern in the local community and even made national news.

On February 12, the judge will decide whether to grant the State’s motion to seal the security camera video, meaning that it would not be made available to the public.  The defendant has decided that he will neither join nor oppose this motion.  As a member of the public, I am opposing the motion and asking that the video be released.

I have submitted a brief to the court.  The brief has a comprehensive recitation of the facts including quotes from Sheriff Krebs’ testimony and declaration.  It also explains the relevant law and why the court should not seal the video.

The brief can be found here.

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