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Nervous Young Lawyer
June 11, 2017

A well-known, elderly judge had a case before her in which the plaintiff was being represented by a nervous young lawyer, Jason Ash. When he arose to begin his address, he tripped while approaching the bench and dropped all of his papers. Finally, straightening his tie, he began, “M-m-my unfortunate cl-cl-client . . .” and could not stammer out the next words. He tried again, and in a shaking voice warbled, “M-m-m-y un-un-un-unfortunate client . . .” and again got stuck and could go no further. Clearing his throat, he took a deep breath and had another try: “My-my unfortunate cl-cl-cl-cl-cl-client . . .” and again his voice failed. He looked around miserably.

“Come, come,” interrupted the aged justice, “proceed with your statement. So far the court agrees with you.”


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