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Arguing Before the Washington Supreme Court
January 30, 2018

Washington State Capitol

On January 25, 2018, I appeared before the Washington Supreme Court to argue Community Treasures et al v. San Juan County. You can view the video of the oral argument online.

I enjoy arguing before the Washington Supreme Court because the justices prepare for each hearing and ask incisive questions. This is not always true at the Court of Appeals where I find myself wasting the precious time I have answering basic questions. This case was the second in which the Supreme Court agreed to hear a matter in which the Court of Appeals issued an unpublished opinion, an indication that the Court of Appeals does not feel that the legal issues are important. Yet, in each case, the Supreme Court took the case because it felt that the issues are important. In the first such case, which I talk about here, the Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals. I hope that it will again in the case I just argued.


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