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Occupation of God
June 11, 2017

At a very elite party in Beverly Hills, three professionals–a surgeon, an engineer, and an attorney–stood at the bar enjoying a martini. Each was successful, well-known, and respected in his field. As the party proceeded and the drinks flowed, they became involved in an intense, philosophical conversation. Soon, they were debating what God’s profession must have been when he created the Earth.

The surgeon spoke first. “Life only began after Eve was formed, and she was made when God removed one of Adam’s ribs: clearly a surgical procedure. Why, an engineer or an attorney couldn’t have done that, and life would never have begun if God hadn’t been a surgeon.”

“Good point, my friend. Good point,” conceded the engineer. “But the thing is, God had to be able to create the actual world out of chaos. Only an engineer could build a marvelous functioning planet out of chaos.”

“Yes, yes,” interrupted the attorney. “But who created the chaos?”


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